Thermal management of concrete pavements

Presentation by Mark Mackenzie on Thermal management of concrete pavements from ASCP Forum March 2017

Accurately Estimating In-Situ Strength of Concrete
 Many applications require accurate estimates of In-situ
strength e.g.:
 Post tensioning – initial and final stress
 Jacking jump Forms
 Bridges Decks – stressing, launching, removal formwork, etc.
 Precast Elements
 Lifting, delivery, etc.
 Release pre-stress
 Concrete Pavements – compliance, trafficking, etc.
 Secant Piles – drilling alternate piles

 The norm in Australia and Many Places Around the world is
to use Cylinders or Cubes
 Despite requirements
 Cylinders to be cured in same environment as elements
 Numerous other methods
 The fact is that:
 Unless “Temperature Matched Curing”, which has its own very
significant challenges and limitations, is used
 Concrete cylinders Cannot and Do Not Accurately Estimate the In-Situ
Strength of Concrete

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