The Economy of Concrete Pavements in Finland – Finnish Method for Life Cycle Cost Analysis between Asphalt and Concrete Pavements

Paper by ALA from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

A cost comparison between different pavement types is based on the current value of the construction and maintenance costs and the annual costs of the road during its service life. A detailed technical-economic comparison between asphalt and concrete pavements should always be made when the ADT of the road > 12,000 vehicles/day. It has always betni a well-known foot that concrete pavArnents are more wear resistant than asphalt pavements. New high strength concrete mixes (compression strength 90 MN/rn 2 = K90, tonalite as an aggregate) offers a 3,5-7-told wear resistance compared with the best asphalt pavements made frnrn the same durable aqgregate. Recent cost comparisons show that the limit of profitability of the concrete pavement in terms of ADT is 30,000 vehicles/day (price rate of 1992). It is important that calculations are made separately for each project; the current price level and the special characteristics of the project should be taken into account.

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