Pavement Rehabilitation Overlays and Grinding

Presentation by T Myers Overlays from Brisbane Forum 10 April 2019

An ASCP Executive Initiative involved the strategic highlighting of new technology to Australia in the form of overlays. This is a widely adopted design approach overseas and several guests from the U.S. graciously shared knowledge and experience at a workshop which informed some of this presentation.

Overlays provide compelling benefits to transport authorities such as;

  • Preserve investment in existing road assets
  • Increase service life
  • Improve pavement quality
  • Improve driver experience
  • More sustainable than reconstruction
  • Economically attractive

Concrete Overlays

  • Overview
  • Overlay Workshop Sydney 2018
  • CP Tech Center
  • Overlay Concept
  • Benefits/Lessons
  • RMS Case Studies

The presentation concludes with a summary and comparison on diamond grinding treatments.

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