Steel fibre reinforced concrete combined with conventional reinforcing – joint free pavements

Paper by Alan Ross on Steel Fibres - Joint free Slabs from Brisbane Forum May 2012

Steel fibres and conventional reinforcing mesh/bar are both used to effectively reinforce concrete due
to their ability to provide an effective restraining tensile force across any cracks that open. In
Australia and New Zealand this has typically resulted in steel fibres being substituted for mesh in the
main applications of slab on grade, shotcrete for ground support and precast concrete elements, as
well as a number of other more specific applications. In Western Europe it is becoming more and
more common to also use combined reinforcement solutions, which consist of both steel fibres and
conventional steel reinforcement. The synergies that result from combining these two types of
reinforcement make it possible to achieve commercially competitive solutions when designing to
reach a desired level of ultimate load carrying capacity or serviceability. This innovation has been
driven by the incorporation of the combined reinforcement option into various technical approvals and
design guidelines currently available in Europe.

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