Spanish realizations of steel fiber pavements

Paper by FERNARDEZ CANOVAS LUCEA from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

The development of the steel fiber reinforced concrete pavements has experienced a big apogee in Spain in the last three years. The object of this work is to display the most important realizations made in the field of roads. harbours, airports, etc., analyzing their characteristics and behaviour. ROADS - Base coating of Via Favencia decks - March 1983. Surface: 4000 m2 Thickness: 7 cm Fiber type: ze-501.50 Dosification: 50 kg/m3. - Base coating of Variante de Despenaperros decks - May 1984. Surface: 18000 m2 Thickness: 7 cm Fiber type: ze-501.50 Dosification: 50 kg/m3. - Overlay of an exit road (Villacast{n) of Madrid - Adanero's highway - September 1983. Surface: 400 m2 Thickness: 14 cm Different types and dosifications of fibers. - Thermal Central Unit of "Los Barrios" - Streets of the urbanization - May 1985. Surface: 10000 m2 Thickness: several different ones. Fiber type: ze-601.80 Dosification: 30 k~/m3. AIRPORTS Airplane parking in Palma de Mallorca's airport - August 1984. Surface: 100000 m2 Thickness: 23 cm Fiber type: ze-501.s0 and ze-601.80 Dosification: 40 kg/m3. HARBOURS - Unloading zone of coal and granite blocks in Vigo - December 1984. Surface 2000 m2 Thickness: 30 cm Fiber type: ze-601.80 Dosification: 30 kg/m3. - Overlay bounded with resins in La eoruna - May 1985. Surface: 1500 m2 Thickness: 5 cm Fiber type: ze-SOI.50 Dosification: 30 kg/m3, - Roll-on ships area in Algeciras - August 1985. Surface: 1200 m2 Thickness: 10 cm Fiber type: ze-so/.sO Dosification: 35 kg/m3. - Storage containers area in Algeciras - August 1985. Surface: 6400 m2 Thickness: 25 cm Fiber type: zC-60/.80 Dosification: 30 kg/m3. PAVEMENT CONTAINERS AND TRUCKS PARKINGS - Mérida - February 1985. Surface: 25000 m2 Thickness: 20 cm Fiber type: ZC-601.80 Dosification: 30 kg/m3• - Oviedo - January 1983. Surface: 40000 m2 Thickness: 13-15 cm fiber type: ze-601.80 Dosification: several different ones.

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