Secure 33 – Wax-based curing compound – C Leckie Subsurface drainage and curing of pavements. Training

Presentation by Secure 33 - Wax-based curing compound - C Leckie from Sydney Forum 28 February 2011

Subsurface Drainage

  • RTA draft R81 No Fines Concrete specification
  • RTA standard subsurface drainage drawings & specifications
  • Subsurface drainage - good construction practice

Curing of Concrete Pavements

  • Secure 33 Wax-base curing compound
  • New Generation base concrete curing compounds


  • presentation on draft competency units for Concrete Road Pave Crews.  Soon to be final draft on Skills DMC web site for comment (see "Links" for this site)

ISCP Update

  • ASCP Conference in AUgust 2011 will include several Directors from ISCP making presentations
  • 10th International Conference on Concrete Pavements, Canada

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