Recommendation for the maintenance of concrete roads in the Federal Republic of Germany

Paper by SCHUSTER from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

The "Code of practice for the maintenance of concrete roads" ("Merkblatt für die Erhaltung von Betonstrassen") was published in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1985. It is based on the 1968 edition, but clearly reflects further developments in maintenance techniques, e. g., improved drainage. The code forms part of the systematic approach to road maintenance. In this approach the present code has been assigned the function of describing the maintenance operations and of giving instructions, as far as possible, on how they should be carried out. Defects and damage can be optimally remedied only if their cause is known. Externally detectable damage and defects are considered in relation to the possible maintenance operations for dealing with them. It is up to the engineer to choose the best possible method for the maintenance of concrete roads. These operations should commence even before defects and damage have occurred at all. They comprise the sealing of joints and constant ensuring that water which has penetrated into the pavement is drained away. In some cases, too, impregnation of the concrete may be undertaken if it is not (or not yet) sufficiently resistant to the action of frost and de-icing salts. More particularly, the following operations are described: the filling of joints and cracks, making-good of edge damage, subsequently installing dowel bars and ties, improving the drainage, applying treatment to surfaces, impregnating, applying surface layers or coatings, renewal of slabs or parts of slabs, applying bituminous courses and renewal of pavements with concrete or bituminous materials.

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