Place and Compact concrete Draft Units of Competency for Concrete Road Paver Crew training – for reference

Presentation by Place and Compact concrete from Concrete Road Paver Crew training

Skills DMC are managing the development of a training course for Concrete Road Paving Crews.  The draft units of competency posted here are for your reference.  The final draft units will be posted on the Skills DMC web site soon - - where formal comments can be made.
When reviewing these 'units' please focus on the technical/construction content rather than the surrounding topics such as OH&S, environmental etc as these inclusions are required by Government.
It is important that our industry provide proper advice on the technical content, its completeness and correctness if this training course is to be useful and meaningful.
Once the 'units of competency' are finalised and approved, it will then be up to industry and Registered Training Organisations to develop the training content and accredited trainers.
ASCP is supporting this project and aims to facilitate the development of training content.  However, the first task is to ensure that the content described in the 'units' is correct and complete.
It may also be useful to refer to the presentation by Precision Consultancy (consultants to Skills DMC) as given at the February 28 2011 ASCP Forum attached below as a PowerPoint presentation.

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