Performance-Based Specification of Sand for Skid Resistance of Concrete Pavements

Paper and Presentation by V. Sirivivatnanon , G. Ayton and H. Khabbaz from ASCP 4th Concrete Pavements Conference 2017

The skid and abrasion resistance of concrete are critical properties to the performance of road and airport pavements. Both the micro and macro texture features of the concrete surface are recognised to influence the skid resistance. In particular, the quality of sand used in the concrete mix has been found to be highly influential on the micro-texture of the concrete surface. Research undertaken in Australia by the Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) in collaboration with Roads & Maritime Services (RMS), and research independently undertaken in the U.S. by the International Centre for Aggregates Research (ICAR) at the University of Texas at Austin, has led to a shift in the use of the sand abrasion test (Micro Deval) in preference to the chemical test such as the acid insoluble residue (AIR). The use of the sand abrasion test enables a performance-based specification to be used by state and federal road authorities. This paper describes the laboratory-based research undertaken by CCAA and ICAR as well as some cross calibration of laboratory to actual field performance data of highway pavements in both countries. The findings of this research strongly support the basis for the adoption of performance-based specification for the micro-texture evaluation of concrete and sand used in concrete pavement.

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