Pavements with Industrial By-Products Technological Environmental and Constructive Aspects

Paper by SCBMIDT from ISCR 6th 1990

Recyclingmaterials and industrial by-products are suitable for building purposes if the constructions made of them adequately withstand all loads occuring during the scheduled period of utilization and if they do not affect the environment unac-ceptably. Therefore the evaluation of recycling-and secondary materials must cover both the cons-tructional and the ecological properties. Both pro-perties can be improved extensively by usinghydraulic binders. In this case the evaluation foruse in e.g. bound roadbases must be based on itsproperties in the bound and hardened state andmust coverthe material properties itself-strength,resistance to frost, waterproofness, leaching ofsubstances, etc.- as well as the whole road cons-truction and the ambient conditions.

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