Aircraft Concrete Pavement Practice in Australia

Paper and Presentation by Bruce Rodway: Aircraft Concrete Pavement Practice in Australia

Rigid aircraft pavements consist of unreinforced, jointed concrete slabs, usually with
joint spacings of 5 to 6 metres. Reinforced concrete (with larger joint spacings),
continuously reinforced concrete (free of joints) and prestressed concrete are not used
in Australia. In the past some pavements were machine-placed (See photo 1) but, with
the exception of New Brisbane Airport in the mid eighties, all aircraft pavements have
been hand-placed. True slipform paving has not been used in Australia . A slipform
paver was used for Brisbane International Apron in 1993 to place and compact
concrete by straddling fixed forms (see photo 2). This method has been used
elsewhere, for example at new Hong Kong airport and at New Delhi in 2009.

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