Low noise diamond grinding – 3-year performance

Paper and Presentation by George Vorobieff and Peter Carson from ASCP 4th Concrete Pavements Conference 2017

Low Noise Diamond Grinding (LNDG) is essentially an adaption of a US innovation called Next Generation Concrete Surfacing (NGCS). In the United States NGCS treatment to concrete pavements has been in existence for the last 10 years and it is an extension of conventional diamond grinding with the deeper grooves spaced at about 15 mm apart. In February 2012, there was an opportunity to trial LNDG on the New England Highway near Branxton.

This trial was used to evaluate whether the treatment could be used for a 4 km section of the Hunter Expressway, at Greta where an equivalent noise outcome to that provided by dense graded asphalt was required. The grinding at Greta was completed in July 2013 and the expressway was open to traffic in March 2014. It has been subject to traffic for three years and recently an assessment was carried out on the durability of the surface and road tyre noise measurements. Skid resistance values are also available to make a comparison to other pavement surfaces.

This paper will present the skid resistance, durability and tyre noise results of the LNDG site and provide recommendations for further adoption or research.

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