Low Noise Concrete Pavements: Smooth, safe, durable and cost-effective texturing (LNDG) (Pavement Note 003)

Also known as Next Generation Concrete Surfacing (NGCS)

Asset owners want a pavement with low initial cost, low maintenance cost, good skid resistance especially in wet weather 1, good ride quality and low noise.  LNDG delivers on every one of these criteria. This Pavement Note covers:

  • Conventional Diamond Grinding
  • Low Noise Diamond Grinding
  • LNDG Performance And Durability
  • Noise performance (Concrete vs Asphalt)
  • Cost Considerations
  • Enviromental Considerations

Conclusions: Concrete pavements with the LNDG surfacing treatment provide a quiet, smooth, safe, cost­effective and durable pavement texture which meets (or surpasses) the noise performance of asphalt, with lower life cycle costs

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