How to Replace Airport Pavement in Under 6 Hours | Recycled Glass in Concrete Pavement | SmartCrete CRC | Concrete Highway Pavements – German Autobahns and USA Interstates. Links with Australian Practice since 1980

On Demand Forum (Video) or ASCP Forum June 2020

Summary of this Forum - Pavement maintenance imposes significant commercial consequences, particularly for airports where alternative paths are limited.  For a long time, the requirement of a lengthy curing period partially impeded the benefits of concrete pavements.  Nouas Al Mandowi will provide an overview of the technology and processes involved in replacing concrete pavement without disruption to airport traffic.

On the Pacific Highway Upgrade between Woolgoolga and Ballina, recycled crushed glass was successfully used in about 2,000cum of the pavement concrete.  A 94 page report has been released and Jamie Egan will provide an entertaining insight into the project.

Concrete is the second most used material in the world after water.  Craig Heidrich will outline the seven year research journey of the SmartCrete CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) to secure the long-term viability of vital concrete infrastructure in Australia, while leveraging concrete sector efforts to meet global sustainability (carbon reduction) targets.

The two greatest national highway projects of the 20th century were the German Autobahns of the 1930s and, subsequently, the USA Interstate System that commenced in the 1950s.  John Hodgkinson will present an overview of them.  Distinct links can be drawn between them and Australian practice since 1980.

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