Grinding Concrete Pavements RMS Technical Guide

RMS Guide Notes - Grinding Concrete Pavements

This document contains information for the successful application of diamond grinding of
concrete pavements. The requirements for diamond grinding of newer concrete pavements
are set out in Roads and Maritime specification R93. The requirements for maintenance
diamond grinding of older concrete pavements, particularly in urban areas, are set out in Roads
and Maritime specification M229. A list of diamond grinding and associated road specifications
is listed in Table 1 (Section 4.4).
Specification R93 has been prepared for projects involving construction of slipformed concrete
pavements and where diamond grinding may be required over a significant length of pavement.
It may be used for single or multiple lane grinding. Specification R93 is less suitable than
M229 for use for diamond grinding of very old jointed reinforced concrete pavements in urban
Specification M229 has been prepared for maintenance diamond grinding of concrete
pavements that have been in service for a number of years and which are providing a reduced
level of service. These concrete pavements include plain concrete pavement (PCP), discrete
reinforced slabs within PCP (PCP-R), jointed reinforced concrete pavement (JRCP),
continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP), and steel fibre reinforced concrete
pavement (SFCP).
A typical grinding machine used in Australia is shown in Figure 1. The grinding drum is
between the front pivoting bogey wheels and rear axles, with the engine and water tank at the
rear of the vehicle. In addition, some machines have optional magnetic strip collectors (see
Figure 2) in front of the grinding drum to collect metallic debris and prevent damage to the
blades. The diamond grinding drum consists of numerous blades clamped together with
spacers as shown in Figure 2.
Sections 9 and 10 of this guide provide more information on the application of diamond
grinding for reducing surface noise and improving ride quality in tunnels. Roads and Maritime
is preparing a specification for producing a low noise diamond grinding surface.
Diamond grinding has been applied on asphalt surfaces and runways have had transverse
grooves applied for increasing the surface texture. This guide does not include information on
grinding asphalt surfaces.

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