Experimental work on the use of coarse recycled concrete aggregates in pavement materials

Presentation by George Vorobieff, Simon Murcott, Peter Carson from Title of ASCP 4th Concrete Pavements Paper & Presentation 12

The RMS and Boral sponsored work outlines how there is limited knowledge around how much RCA could be used in an R82/R83 concrete mix. The T2D project was going to remove 6 km of 30+ year old concrete base & subbase material. With a need and desire to recycle this material crushing and resuing the old concrete was exploreed and documented. Crushing pavement concrete produces 40% fine & 60% coarse aggregates

The outline of the presentation is as follows;

  • Purpose of the experimental work
  • Background to recycled concrete aggregates (RCA)
  • Current permitted use of RCA in specifications
  • Test program and results
  • Preliminary outcome
  • Next steps

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