Design, Specification, Construction & Maintenance of concrete road pavements – Event Program

Event Program from ASCP Forum May 2016

About this Forum
This Forum addresses a range of topics
relating to the design, specification,
construction and maintenance of
concrete pavements.
There will be a report on the trial of the use
of recycled concrete in the select material
zone and heavily bound sub-base on an
upcoming project to reconstruct and widen
a section of the M1 Motorway.
Roads and Maritime Services personnel
will address the Forum on the recent
revisions to its standard drawings for new
construction of concrete pavements, and
provide an update on its specifications for
concrete sub-base and base.
Two sessions will focus on the preparations
required prior to construction (including
mix design) and then, the combined
grading conformance requirements for
base concrete under the Roads and
Maritime Services specification.
The surface of concrete pavements will
receive attention with presentations on Low
Noise Diamond Grinding and skid
resistance of concrete roundabouts.
Further, an attendee at the three-day CPD
Seminar on Airport Engineering at the
University of the Sunshine Coast will
provide an overview of the proceedings.

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