Promotion and Construction of Concrete pavements in Malaysia 2000-2017

Presentation by John Cruickshank on Concrete pavements in Malaysia from ASCP Forum March 2017

C&CA of Malaysia

  • Very similar to CCAA in Australia 30 years ago, i.e. funded by the cement industry by tonnage levy.
  • In late 1990s C&CA decided to promote road pavements. (None built since NSE and NKVE)
  • Contacted Geoff Ayton at RTA for assistance.
  • Geoff too busy, so John Cruickshank got involved as C&CA’s consultant.

North South Expressway (NSE) and North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)

  • Constructed c 1989-1990
  • Foreign consultants, contractors
  • Total approx. 1000 km
  • Approx. 25% concrete pavement
  • CRCP
  • UK style Specifications
  • Built using both Rail Form Paving Trains and Slipform pavers

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