Concrete pavement constructed in extreme atmospheric conditions

Paper by MOLINA JOSA from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

In a Spanish road in the main network that joins Zaragoza with Huesca, a 9 km long by~pass is being built, in order to supress two railway grade crossings and improve the location. The structural section consists in 15 em of lean concrete and 25 cm of pavement concrete. By reasons of opening to traffic it has been necessary to construct the concrete pavement in summer-time when temperatures exceed 35 oC ,humidity is really low, and the wind speed goes beyond 50 km/h. With this communication it is justified: the choice of materials, the manufacture procedures and the starting of both concrete layers as well as the control systems. It is also fulfilled a report on the fissures that appeared on the basis of the lean concrete.

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