Concrete Block Pavement Structure with Porous Concrete Base

Paper by LEYKAUF BIRMANN from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

Heavily trafficked concrete block pavements (CBP) require a proper designed cement treated base, which however i.g. offer only a low water permeability. Hence water may accumulate in the beddinq layer and under unfavourable climatic conditions frost heavings and deteriorations can occur. This can be prevented by a base course of porous concrete with a geotextile on its surface to hinder bedding sand from washing away into its voids. A respective test section was constructed in a quarrying plant in southern Bavaria. The experiences and measurement results during construction and after 3 years of traffic loading are reported. The structure showed a good drainage and bearing behaviour. It can be recommended especially for wide cxtcndcd traffic areas with low cross fall at surface, e.g. for container terminals.

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