Clybucca continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) – a 40-year performance assessment

Paper and Presentation by Geoff Ayton, Edwin Haber and John Hodgkinson from ASCP 3rd Concrete Pavements 2015

The first continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) on a public road in New South Wales was constructed in 1975-76 on a 5.5 km length of the Pacific Highway at Clybucca Flat in the Macleay Valley approximately 450 km north of Sydney. The durability of this pavement has been excellent. In 2015, and at the end of its forty year design life, it is timely to undertake an assessment of the performance of the pavement against the design assumptions.

An estimate is made of the actual traffic loading for comparison with the design value, and its original thickness design is compared with that from the current Austroads design using the same design inputs. Several aspects of the pavement design differ from current standards, and their impact will be discussed. Examples include the lack of a selected material zone, the construction in soft-soil conditions, and the “without shoulder” condition. The design Base concrete compressive strength of 28 MPa is also low by today’s standards.

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