ASCP Technical Issues Register – submissions guide ASCP Issues identification and management

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Technical Issues Register

ASCP welcomes Members’ submissions on Technical issues which they believe are of importance to our concrete pavements industry.  The purpose of this process is to identify broad industry issues – issues which may have a wide occurrence, or issues which impact on a range of our Members’ activities.

The ASCP Executive will review these issues at its bi-monthly meetings to determine how to address and/or resolve them. Where issues relate to Client Authorities’ standard specifications, technical directions and such, the matter may be raised by the Executive in discussion with that Authority.

It is emphasised that this process does not have any status under individual contracts. Issues which are specific to a contract should be resolved in accordance with the provisions of that contract.

Read the downloadable "submissions guidelines" document and download the "submission form" to enter details of a technical issue and email it to ASCP.

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