Development of Low Noise Diamond Grinding in NSW

Paper and presentation by Peter Carson and George Vorobieff from ASCP 2nd Conference 2013

Conventional diamond grinding using modern mobile equipment has been successfully used in NSW since 2010. RMS continues to make refinements to the application of this well proven surface treatment for concrete and asphalt pavements. The Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) is claimed to be the quietest concrete pavement surface texture based on USA test results. The texture is constructed using conventional diamond grinding equipment and blades with different blade spacing configurations. This results in different surface features between conventional and NGCS grinding treatments.

The IGGA marketing term ‘Next Generation Concrete Surface’ is now replaced by ‘Low Noise Diamond Grinding’ (LNDG) to distinguish between conventional diamond grinding and a surface that aims to produce a low noise road/tyre emission.

This paper will address the application of the US based technique for RMS highway pavements and the outcomes achieved from the trials of the surface treatment carried out to date. The paper also considers the cost of the technique and the potential cost savings, along with the future of this technology for urban and rural highways.

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