Jointed Precast Concrete Pavements – A Rapid Renewal Solution

Paper and presentation by Neeraj Buch, Shiraz Tayabji & Dan Ye from ASCP 2nd Conference 2013

In recent years, many agencies have started investigating strategies for pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction that are faster and can produce longer lasting pavements. Expedient rehabilitation that results in a shorter pavement lifespan is no longer considered acceptable by most highway agencies. A promising alternative rehabilitation strategy is the effective use of modular pavement technologies, principally precast concrete pavement (PCP) systems, which provide for rapid repair and rehabilitation of pavements and also result in durable, longer-lasting pavements. Rapid construction techniques can significantly minimize the impact on the driving public, as lane closures and traffic congestion are kept to a minimum. Road user and worker safety is also improved by reducing road users’ and workers’ exposure to construction traffic. The paper addresses salient technical considerations related to the design and construction of jointed precast concrete pavement systems.

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