US Precast Concrete Pavement Technology and Directions

Paper and presentation by Shiraz Tayabji, Dan Ye & Neeraj Buch from ASCP 2nd Conference 2013

The use of precast concrete pavement (PCP) is an emerging technology in the US for application to rapid repair and rehabilitation of existing pavements. The technology is currently being applied in high volume, congested urban/suburban roadways where lane closures and work windows are constrained. Several US highway agencies have begun to implement this technology as a viable pavement renewal option and several other agencies have constructed demonstration projects. The implemented PCP systems include proprietary and non-proprietary systems and components. Recently, The Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP2) sponsored a study, on Modular (Precast Concrete) Pavement Technology, aimed at developing the necessary information and guidelines that will help encourage the successful adoption of this new technology. The performance of projects constructed since 2001 indicates that sufficient advances have been made to reliably achieve the four key attributes of PCPs: constructability, concrete durability, effective load transfer at joints, and effective panel support condition. This paper presents a summary of the state of the US precast concrete pavement technology and directions to advance and gain wider acceptance of the technology.

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