Grey Card (Pavements) Courses

ASCP conducts Grey Card (R83 Pavements) courses on request, operating under an agreement with RMS and using ASCP trainers approved by RMS.

The course is a one-day course and includes an Assessment at the end of the course.  To receive the Grey Card, trainees must attend the course and successfully complete the assessment.

The Standard Course program is attached below and can be downloaded.

ASCP began providing these courses from July 2011.  Since then, over 50 courses have been provided to almost 1,000 trainees.  The courses first began through (then) RTA, and to date over 100 courses have been delivered to some 2,500 trainees (including those delivered by ASCP).  Numbers current at October 2014.

Courses can be booked by contacting ASCP on .


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