The Australian Society for Concrete Pavements

Founded in October 2007, the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation which aims to facilitate improvements in the design, construction and quality of concrete pavements in Australia through education, technology transfer and research.

ASCP Brochure

A general brochure about ASCP is being produced. Once completed, it will be posted here as a downloadable document.

ASCP Awards

Honorary Membership

ASCP recognises people who have given outstanding contributions to the concrete paving industry in Australia. This prestigious award consists of an attractive trophy and certificate, and includes Life Membership of ASCP. Nominations for this award can be made by ASCP members. Nominations close on 30 November. ..more


ASCP offers an annual Scholarship Award to assist the concrete pavements industry gain access to current international developments, and to provide opportunities for personal development of younger achievers in the industry. The Scholarship consists of a dollar amount to reimburse conference fees, travel and accommodation costs, and other related expenses, and has a number of requirements of the awardee. Applications must be made on the prescribed form by 30 November. ..more

Background & Development

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ASCP operates branches in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Branches are established where there is an expressed interest from the industry to conduct forums and such events and to exchange knowledge, technical information and relevant experiences. For Branch contacts refer to ASCP Committees.


ASCP is managed through a number of committees:

National Executive Committeemanages the overall business of the Society, including financial and governance responsibilities
Branch Committeesidentify specific state information needs, organises forums and projects
Scholarship Committeereviews Scholarship applications against ASCP criteria and advises the National Executive regarding granting a Scholarship Award
Project CommitteesASCP establishes project committees to investigate and report on specific technical matters of importance. These committees are usually dissolved on completion of the project.

For a listing of all current committees refer to ASCP Committees.


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ASCP supports the requirements for education of concrete pavement practitioners from professionals to the workforce. For details on all courses refer to the Events page.
Educational courses and resources developed by or supported by ASCP include :

Concrete Pavements courseA two day short course provided by CPEE (Centre for Pavement Engineering Education) conducted in most states of Australia. CPEE also offer Graduate and Post-graduate courses in Pavement Engineering.
CPD OnlineASCP supports CPD Online which is a web based learning facility meeting Continuing Professional Development needs for engineers. With the support of ASCP, this facility offers a range of concrete pavement modules.
Certificate III Civil ConstructionIn collaboration with SkillsDMC, ASCP provides training and assessment skills sets for relevant concrete pavement skills meeting the National Training Qualification requirements.
RMS Grey Card courseASCP, under an agreement with RMS, delivers the Grey Card course for concrete road pavement operatives and others.

For details on all courses refer to the Events page.


ASCP conducts events throughout the year which are aimed at providing information and discussion on relevant technical topics.
Branches hold a number of such events, Forums, on topics particularly related to the local interests.
ASCP also conducts a biennial Conference which aims to present current technical papers on concrete pavements. Presenters include both Australian and overseas experts. For details on all events go to the Events page.


ASCP is managed by a National Executive Committee made up of eight ASCP members elected by the membership at Annual General Meetings, Branch Presidents, and the Executive Director.
Any ASCP member may stand for election to the National Executive.
The National Executive Committee elects a President and a Vice-President. The Executive Director is the Company Secretary.
The National Executive is supported by Branch Committees which are responsible for organising Forums and technical projects within their own state.
For information about the current National Executive Committee and Branch Committees refer to Committees.


Membership is open to all people with an interest in concrete pavements in Australia.
Membership provides substantial discounts on ASCP event fees and courses supported by ASCP, and provides access to certain Member Only resources on this website.
Sponsors may nominate a certain number of their staff as ASCP Members. Such members have full member entitlements.
For all Membership details, refer to the Membership Page.

Mission and Objectives

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Organisations may become Sponsors of ASCP. There are three levels of sponsorship, namely Gold, Silver & Bronze, each with a different annual sponsorship fee.
Sponsoring organisations are those which seek to support the objectives of ASCP both financially and through support. Sponsors are entitled to nominate a specified number of their staff as ASCP Members, receive discounts on other staff membership fees, and obtain discounts on all event fees for their staff. Sponsors are recognised on the ASCP website and at all ASCP events.
For all details about Sponsorship refer to the Sponsors Page. See all Sponsors.